Social Enterprise to create awareness & build customer loyalty for your brand

Planning to have a good-will based event in a business place filled with sales quotas and other profit driven targets? It would certainly be refreshing to see more of how social enterprise can make a difference.

If you’re considering flourishing by having a more community or non-profit type of business, it would be a plus to work with an events company in Singapore. Know more about the concept and see how it can work on achieving your objectives soon.

The definition of a Social Enterprise

As a business concept, Social Enterprise is currently at the height of implementation and re-models that it may have various definitions. The concept’s various definitions are even based on how it is viewed and used by specific organisations. However, there are two dimensions which remain consistent when it comes to defining the term: achieving the objectives of a goodwill-based cause and operating to earn specific revenue.

To put simply, social enterprise may operate as almost any type of full-pledged business with the interest of bringing direct and long-term good to a community which it serves. To make their cause even more enticing for donors, some would consider having a partner in events management in Singapore.

An example of Social Enterprise effort – The Concept of Festival for Good

A festival for the Good was an initiative of The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise called raiSE. This event was geared to make more people aware of social entrepreneurship and how it can specifically address social needs. It happened for a good cause.

The event has zones for a pop-up market, performances and entertainment, plus workshops and learning journeys. The idea was to get the community more involved when it comes to supporting socially geared businesses.

People joining in the fun

While Social Enterprise definitely has serious and long lasting benefits to Singaporean communities, we made the Festival for Good more fun and engaging. Social enterprises were the definite stars as they set up their own booths for the community to gather round in.


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