4 types of corporate gifts to create brand memorability

The one thing companies should always strive to do is not only to create brand awareness, but also memorability among people of the public. Through various promotional campaigns and events, and through aggressive marketing strategies, companies hope to create long lasting impressions towards their brands.

One simple and yet effective way to do this is via the giving of corporate gifts to people. By imprinting the company’s logo and message on the gift, this would be a great way for people to be reminded of your company when they see and use the gift they received.

Here are 4 types of corporate gifts that are useful and can be used:-

Stationery can have impact on your brand communication

  1. Stationery – Although common, stationery is daily use items especially to those working in the office. Whenever there’s a meeting or a phone call that requires him/her to jot down a quick note, stationery is what they need. These include pens, pencils, erasers and other useful office equipment. Other than those, note books, calendars, and sticky notes could be given to consistently ‘remind people that you’re always there’.
  2. Electronic products – Computer accessories such as pendrives are useful for storage. Mobile phone accessories such as power banks are good too. Other products can include mini flashlights, digital watches, and mini table fans.
  3. Kitchenware – These can be simple cutlery sets which include knives, forks, and spoons or other kitchen utensils. Giving glasses or mugs is a great option too. You can easily go to mug printing services to imprint your company logo on the mug as well as many other designs.
  4. Other products for day-to-day use – For instance, towels and bags. These products would be useful for everyday use, and would serve as a constant reminder about your company. Your company can easily customise towels and bags based on what it stands for and what it’s all about.

Cutleries are a must have for office workers too

Companies should not only aim in giving corporate gifts for the sake of giving, but should always strive for quality products which display a clear message on what the corporate stands for. The last thing anyone wants is a lousy and flimsy product that would easily be broken or unusable.



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